Letters from Love

“My love, my child. When you are sick, rest. When you are tired, lie down. When you are sad, weep. When you need nourishment, eat. When you are lonely, reach for people. And when there are no people, reach for me.”

I came across these words today, in a ‘Letter from Love’, by Elizabeth Gilbert. She goes on to write, “I live in your heart, but I speak to your mind. I am here to calm you. I am here to comfort you.”

These words were so beautiful and comforting to me that I decided to write my own ‘Letter from Love’. What an incredibly emotional and beneficial experience that turned out to be.

I found myself writing continuously for eight pages, and I’ll share my last paragraph with you…😊

“I know you continually strive to be your best self but let that go now. You have worked so hard at detaching from possessions. Now detach from your high ideals and unrealistic expectations of yourself. I love you regardless of what you think, feel or do. Stop striving. Just love. When you feel up to it. I love and accept you. Please find love and compassion for yourself, and rest a lot more.

Your friend, Love.”

We spend most of our life listening to our inner critic berating almost everything we do. Our mind will constantly tell us to feel guilt and shame, be better, do more, try harder, and give, give, give. It will list our faults and mistakes and remind us how we need to change or what to worry about.

Expressing the words of Love to ourselves, in the form of a letter, gently forces us to see ourselves through the eyes of compassion, understanding and acceptance.

I hope you can find time this week to write yourself a letter, or even a short note, from Love. Elizabeth Gilbert suggests we start with, “Dear Love, what would you have me know today?” Then just write whatever you imagine Love would say to you.

I’d be thrilled if you tried it. I think it might help you as much as mine uplifted me.

What would Love say to you this week?

Love and joy,

Juliet. 🙏💜

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