Calmness Challenge

Let’s talk about something that’s been on my mind lately… How often do we find ourselves reacting in ways we later regret, especially when we’re overworked, tired, or stressed out? 🤔 It’s like a switch flips, and suddenly we’re snapping at people, saying things we don’t mean, and just generally feeling irritable.

There are times when situations or people can push our buttons, and we respond angrily or crossly. And then comes the guilt – that sinking feeling in our stomachs when we realise we’ve hurt someone or acted out of character.

But here’s the thing: there’s a way to break this cycle and it starts with self-compassion. Instead of beating ourselves up for our reactions, we need to understand why we reacted that way in the first place. Often, it’s because we’re overwhelmed and struggling to cope.

We want to respond calmly, wisely, and thoughtfully to every situation and every person in our lives. So we need to develop simple habits that help us maintain our composure even in the most challenging moments.

When we cultivate this ability, we’re not just avoiding guilt and regret – we’re also paving the way for happier, more harmonious relationships. Imagine how much better life would be if we could navigate it with calmness, no matter what comes our way.

That’s why I’m excited to announce a challenge for myself and anyone who wants to join me: the 30-Day Calmness Challenge. Over the next month, let’s commit to developing five simple habits that will help us respond calmly and thoughtfully to whatever life throws at us.

Sign up here for my simple, free, Calmness Guidebook, which includes my five Daily Strategies for keeping clam, as well as a Daily Tracker to record your success, (tickable on pc).

Calmness Challenge
poster describing the calmness challenge

Let’s embrace the power of calmness together and transform the way we respond to our loved ones and the world.

Love and calmness,

Juliet. 🙏💜

PS. Please let me know how you get on.

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