My Story

Dear Friend,

I’ve spent my whole life feeling like I needed to find out something important, like I was searching for my reason for being, the meaning of life or the key to happiness.

I had a successful career in teaching, which was rewarding, but my life had become a cycle of anxiety, stress and exhaustion. I drove to work full of fear and hardly ever slept more than four hours a night.

I was a frustrated Artist, Photographer and Author with rarely any time to paint or write and constantly felt like I was on a non-stop train to burnt-out woman’s land.

Then, after a long awaited lightbulb moment, I could clearly see that Mindfulness was the answer to all my life’s problems. 


This motivated me to become a Mindfulness Consultant and I know that I can help you find the answers you need to improve your life.


When we become aware of how we block the joy inside us with thoughts that create pain, anxiety, stress and depression, we can learn to remove these blocks and feel joy arise from within.


So, if you are feeling overwhelmed by workload, unhappy in your relationships or feel anything negative about yourself or your life, then let me help you understand how Mindfulness can completely transform your mental and physical wellbeing. 


It truly is a superpower so contact me now for a FREE Introductory consultation