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Feeling overwhelmed?


Suffering from over-thinking, stress, worry and sleepless nights?

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What if you could say...

I used to suffer from exhaustion, (anxiety, stress, depression) but now I clearly understand how to feel calm and content.


I am less reactive and I respond calmly to those around me. My daily meditation helps me feel peaceful throughout the day and I sleep like a log.


My relationships are harmonious and healthy. I am in tune with my body, eat when I need to, without guilt, and I work towards my goals. Joy flows into everything I do and life is often blissful.

Hi, I 'm Juliet

I'm a highly qualified and experienced Teacher and Mindfulness Consultant, as well as the Author of 'How to Calm Your Class' and 'Mindfulness in a Tin'. I am also on a mission to help you to stop struggling. We humans experience physical and mental pain, but we do NOT have to suffer. When we learn how we amplify our own suffering, we can stop. We can apply Mindfulness and a Mindful Attitude to all aspects of our life, to ease our suffering, calm our mind and make room for joy.

What exactly is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the practice of being present in this moment, accepting it, as it is, without judgment. So much of the time we dwell on what happened yesterday or worry about what tomorrow might bring. Learning how to train our mind to focus on RIGHT NOW is hugely beneficial for our health. There is now a vast amount of scientific evidence that Mindfulness can help us reduce the stress and anxiety in our life. It can improve our relationships and general well-being. It can also help us to sleep better so we wake up feeling refreshed. 

Mindfulness Can Help You

  "I had a beautiful hour's Mindfulness appointment with Juliet.  The guided meditation was so relaxing and Juliet has a voice which eases you into a calm state very quickly." 
William, Anglesey

Powerful Personalised Meditations


My personalised and powerful meditations are created especially for you. Whether you’re suffering with the symptoms of Menopause or feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities, your own personal recording will enable you to feel peaceful and empowered throughout your day.

Some of my products…


Juliet is a highly qualified Teacher with twenty eight years experience of inspiring children and adults to believe in themselves and to improve their well-being. She is also a published Artist, and the Author and Illustrator of ‘How to Calm Your Class‘ – a book of guided meditations and visualisations based on nature. In addition to this, Juliet is the Author and Photographer of products including ‘Mindfulness in a Tin’ – resources to encourage mindfulness in daily life.

Happy Clients

"Juliet has really helped me manage my panic attacks and anxiety over the last few months. After just one session, I was able to do things when I had previously felt too anxious. I can't recommend Juliet highly enough.. she is warm, kind, caring and sensitive."
Margaret, Llandeilo
"Mindfulness with Juliet has given me the tools I need to not only deal with my general anxiety, but to also cope with everyday life stressors. Her simple, yet effective ability to keep you in the moment stops you dwelling about the past and fretting over the future; instead focusing on what is important in the present moment. Juliet has provided me with a new, positive mindset and a mindful means of viewing the world around me."
Holly, Bucks.
"I read three stories from the book and my daughter was asleep in less 20 minutes. I could not believe my eyes so I checked on her several times - I thought she is probably pretending to sleep. The next night I read the guide notes so I practice the deep breathing with my daughter before reading the stories and she was asleep in less than 10 minutes. I have been using the book every night for a month with the similar results. A pound for every hour of my life back over the last month more than pays for the cost of the book!"
Parent, Bucks.

My Solution to Your Struggle…

This short course covers ways to…

• Manage our thoughts and emotions so we can remain calm throughout our experiences.

• Develop a mindful attitude to cope better in every situation.

• Practise acceptance when resistance is causing us to suffer.

• Eat mindfully and wisely for optimal health.

• Learn about meditation and how to apply mindfulness to daily life.

• Improve our relationships, sleep and general well-being.

• Understand the power of Presence and Values for a meaningful life.

Before you go, have a listen…

"I have been meditating with Miss Firstbrook since I was 6. It really helps me to stay calm when it is noisy or busy. It really helps you to relax and move away from things that are bothering you because you can forget about everything around you, it is only where you are in your mind. My favourite ones are the Kingfisher meditation and the Chocolate meditation!"
Alex, Aged 11, Bucks.

If you're struggling to fall and stay asleep, I'm sure my Sleep Tips and Meditation will help you. Sign up here and start sleeping better today.