Unique and Personalised Meditations to Calm and Empower You.

Powerful Personalised Meditations

My unique meditations are created especially for you. Whether you’re suffering with the symptoms of Menopause or feeling overwhelmed by your responsibilities, your own personal recording will enable you to feel peaceful and empowered throughout your day.

Hi, I 'm Juliet

I have always enjoyed listening to guided meditations online but often felt that they were not specifically relevant to my own needs. This gave me the idea of writing and recording my own Personalised Meditations which I now create for my clients. You are a unique individual who needs to be understood, so your Personal Meditation will be written in a way that helps you to feel calm and empowered.  

I create meditation recordings to help people understand how the way we respond to our thoughts can cause us stress, anxiety and depression. The meditations develop the ability to look inside ourselves and find our inner state of peace and calm, which we can access anytime.If you are feeling anxious, stressed or have any physical unease in your body, your meditation can help you to feel relaxed and restored.

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Order your very own 20 minute, Personalised Meditation today and pay only £60! Or treat yourself to a whole hour's recording for just £90!

I'm a highly qualified and experienced Teacher and Mindfulness Consultant, as well as the Author of 'How to Calm Your Class' and 'Mindfulness in a Tin'. I am also on a mission to help you to stop suffering. We humans experience physical and mental pain, but we do NOT have to suffer. When we learn how we amplify our own suffering, we can stop. We can apply Mindfulness and a Mindful Attitude to all aspects of our life, to ease our suffering, calm our mind and make room for joy. Start today with your very own Personalised Meditation to keep forever and calm and empower you every day.

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