Your Future Depends on You!

Did your week go as you planned? ?

Or were there unexpected changes? ?

On Sunday night I was all set for the week ahead but then I had a call to say my mum needed me. She’d had a fall the previous week and was in a lot of pain. So I’ve spent this week looking after her and managing all the visits from doctors, physios, carers and plumbers (the toilet leaked)!

As I reflected on the week, whilst sitting in the sunny garden today, I was thinking about how everything we’ve done in our life so far has been in preparation for our life today.Everything we’ve thought, said, done, learnt and experienced has contributed to how we live today.

That led me to consider how our older self will look back on what we did TODAY to prepare for the future.

Your future you is dependent on what you do today.

Gently consider that your older self is relying on you.

What is important for you to think, feel, say, do and believe, to set up health and happiness for who you are becoming?I thought of several examples from my own life…

? I want to be free of diseases in my old age so I try to stick to eating mainly primary foods: fruit, veg, nuts and seeds. Sugar, processed foods and carbs cause the inflammation that leads to cancer, heart disease, diabetes and dementia, so I avoid junk food as much as possible.

? I want to be conscious, mindful and calm, regardless of my circumstances so I try to meditate every day and practise breath work. We over-breathe as much as we over-eat, so exercises to slow down our breaths per minute will keep our blood pressure down and our immune system strong.

? I want to be physically able and supple so I do my ten Mindful Movements so my future self won’t have joint pain.

? What I DON’T do is exercise enough! So I’m planning on doing more walking and dancing, starting tomorrow! ??

What we do today, ideally every day, prepares us for who we’ll become.

? Let’s appreciate and value ourselves.

? Let’s be mindful of our body’s needs.

What can you do today for YOUR future self? ??

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