Meditate for Time and Focus

If you could be more compassionate, patient, relaxed, focused and wise, would you choose to be? ?

If you could have more hours in the day, would you like some?

I’m constantly discovering new benefits to practising meditation, so why are some people reluctant to even try it?

The main reasons I’ve been given are:

 “I haven’t got time! I’m too busy!”

 “It’s from another religion, I don’t believe in it.”

 “I can’t sit cross legged.” (Seriously, I said that once).

 “I have no-one to do it with.”

 “It might numb/change my mind/thinking.”

 “I don’t want to be brain washed.”

 “I’m not sure how to do it.”

 “I can’t do yoga!”

Maybe you have your own reasons and maybe it’s because there is so much information out there that you don’t know where to start. Well, maybe reading THIS is a good place to start.

Last week I started teaching a new, teenage client how to meditate. She is a total beginner and I have no words to describe how exciting it is to start this young lady off on her journey. She is acquiring a skill that will make life so much easier for her, as the current rise in stress and anxiety levels amongst teenagers in general is soaring.

We are doing the meditation sessions via WhatsApp on our phones, which is a first for me, but it really doesn’t matter to either of us. It’s fun, we laugh a lot, it’s active (lots of moving meditation as well as sitting) and we have a thoroughly enjoyable time.

If you are interested in learning to meditate in order to be calmer and more relaxed or to be focused and efficient (and therefore have MORE time), please don’t worry about being a beginner or feeling embarrassed.

✨Send me a message and let me help you learn a bit more, by text only if you prefer, or by phone, video or maybe in person eventually.?

Meditation has literally saved my life when I’ve felt stressed out by workload and it helps to keep me calm, non-reactive, focused and productive.

I’m sure it could help you and your children too.?

If you would like help to apply Mindfulness to your personal situation or circumstance, drop me an email on: or send me a message on ?❤️