Better Health and Weight Loss

I just lost seven pounds in three weeks!

I’ve been trying to lose weight between the ages of fifteen and fifty. Mainly to look slimmer and feel more confident about my body. Firstly, as a teen, I went along to Weight Watchers with my mum and enjoyed filling in little crosses on a tracker every time I ate a slice of bread.

Then, throughout my twenties and thirties, I tried various diets and occasionally lost a pound or two.

Finally, in my forties, I decided to quit sugar and acquired the daily struggle of managing that, mainly due to my addiction to desserts and dark chocolate (well, the sugar within).

When I hit fifty, I decided I’d had enough of diets, especially as I was busy coping with my menopause, and I chose to focus on my health instead. For three years I educated myself on eating for optimal health and realised that Mindfulness plays a crucial role in achieving that.

I became mindful of advertising and the lengths the food industry will go to when it comes to convincing us to buy unhealthy produce.

I learnt about the ‘six hungers’ and the psychology of human behaviour around food. Lastly, I read many books and did courses about what our body needs to maximise the strength of our immune system. Also, what it needs to prevent the development of long-term illnesses, from diabetes to dementia. I became mindful of my body and its needs.

Guess what happened? I lost seven pounds in a few weeks, without even trying!

It was certainly very exciting for me but mainly beneficial for the health of my body which was carrying too much fat and had far too many ailments. I became free of my nasal congestion, my acid reflux problem, my cough and my aching joints and limbs.

I’m now on a mission to help people improve their health with an understanding of Mindfulness, and how tuning in to the needs of our body can make us feel remarkably well again.

If you would like to ‘quick start’ your way to feeling better, and losing weight, you’ll benefit from reading my THREE TOP TIPS. If they interest and help you, contact me for more details. I’d love to help you.

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