Mindfulness Can Help You

Sometimes one thought goes round and round in your head, making you feel increasingly upset or angry and stress hormones rage through your body.

Result.. zero sleep.

The other night just one thought kept repeating itself in my head, like a recording on a loop until my body felt so awake I could have run up the hill by my house.

If you’re a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), then thoughts seem to have an extra dose of superpower which enables them to rant on in our heads and keep us awake.

Next time you can’t sleep, which for many of you will be tonight, remind yourself that YOU are in charge of your body, you don’t have to give your thoughts attention (they are just thoughts, not facts). Listen to your breath or the clock, feel your warm duvet or hot feet. Eventually your thoughts will give up trying to keep you awake and you’ll drift off!

Whether it’s about an injustice or a worry, thoughts stop us sleeping. We can’t push them out of our heads but we can choose to pull our attention away from them and into our body, our breathing or feelings inside us.

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