As water calms and clears, so can your mind.

Mindful of nature

Nature is wonderful for keeping you in the present moment.  Whether you are watching waves on a beach or a robin on a tree, you will find a momentary peace that relieves you of your worries.

Mindful Photography

Photography is a wonderful activity to help develop Mindfulness. Spending time observing a scene increases our awareness of how we connect with our environment.

Please ask yourself, “What nourishes joy in me? What nourishes joy in others? Do I nourish joy in myself and others enough?” …The cessation of suffering – well-being – is available if you know how to enjoy the precious jewels you already have. You have eyes that can see, lungs that can breathe, legs that can walk, and lips that can smile. When you are suffering, look deeply at your situation and find the conditions for happiness that are already there, already available.

– Thich Nhat Hanh