two happy women who practice mindfulness

Happy Clients

  "I had a beautiful hour's Mindfulness appointment with Juliet.  It started with a question and answer session which made me aware of what to expect in the forthcoming mindful hour. The guided meditation was so relaxing and Juliet has a voice which eases you into a calm state very quickly. I was so happy to be in the moment which helped me greatly with my PTSD and pain. I felt very relaxed for the rest of the day and look forward to another session very soon." 
William, Anglesey
"Juliet has really helped me manage my panic attacks and anxiety over the last few months. She has helped me understand how my thoughts can be unhelpful and that I can use my breath to calm myself down. Juliet has adapted meditations to suit my needs and these have helped me become more confident in myself. After just one session with Juliet, I was able to go shopping when I had previously felt too anxious. I can't recommend Juliet highly enough.. she is warm, kind, caring, sensitive and 'mindful'."
Margaret, Llandeilo
Juliet is like a wise and compassionate friend, accompanying you on your journey - there is nothing here that does not ring true and nothing that does not seem to spring from her own experiences and practice of mindfulness. Her course is accompanied by helpful resources where you can explore each aspect of the course more fully for yourself with open, exploratory prompts, and a short but pertinent guided meditation. This is a lovely way to learn more about Mindfulness and experience its impact for yourself - highly recommended.
Frances, Bucks.
Mindfulness was recommended to me as a possible way to deal with issues causing me great stress. I was sceptical, but have decided to try it. I have to say it really is making sense and is already helping me understand why I need to change my thoughts and attitudes.
Carl, Adbourne
"Mindfulness with Juliet has given me the tools I need to not only deal with my general anxiety, but to also cope with everyday life stressors. Her simple, yet effective ability to keep you in the moment stops you dwelling about the past and fretting over the future; instead focusing on what is important in the present moment. Juliet has provided me with a new, positive mindset and a mindful means of viewing the world around me."
Holly, Bucks.
"I have been meditating with Miss Firstbrook since I was 6. It really helps me to stay calm when it is noisy or busy. It really helps you to relax and move away from things that are bothering you because you can forget about everything around you, it is only where you are in your mind. My favourite ones are the Kingfisher meditation and the Chocolate meditation!"
Alex, Aged 11, Bucks.